• Circle also some weight, his face extremely bad.

      ”Brother Can you take me for one night it?”Cai Siming looked helplessly forest health.
      Lin-sheng startled by startled, his younger brother, he is usually on a first-name, it will only be called when there is demand for his brother, now the next three times rapidly, the situation seems quite serious.
      Yao Ji ceremony sofa sat across from him, looked at him in the chest with both hands ring.Cai Siming afraid of him, subconsciously shrink the shrink back.
      Lin-sheng silent for a moment, “you tell me what happened.”
      Cai Siming eyes flashing, “is my parents quarrel, angrily I ran away from home, so late is not good to bother friends”
      ”So it bother you brother?”Yao Ji ceremony voice cold, his words interrupted.
      Cai Siming hate to live by his word, bit his lip not the nerve to speak.
      Forest Health: “Why quarrel?”
      Cai Siming hesitant, “Nothing, just little things.”
      ”Uncle aunt know that you come to my house yet?”Lin-sheng frown asked.
      Cai Siming suddenly do not speak, then it’s not know.
      Forest Health busy out the phone, “You do not nonsense Mody?”Think of the last time broke the uncle, his uncle fingers paused on the phone, and then move to the following, allocated Cai Sijia.

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