• On the roof, sit together and chat.

      Before they come to the canteen to buy a drink, melon seeds, and a lot of junk snacks, Gu Lan made a newspaper to everyone, and everybody would sit in a circle, side chat, play cards side.
      ”I remember our past like this,” Wuyi side of the card side, “This is how many years did not come back?”
      ”long time.”JAC Ann miss some, Song Zhe looked up, smiled and said,” At that time the old bully Yang Wei Aci.”
      ”Where are what I call bullying?”
      Song Zhe busy explained: “This is my love!”
      ”Oh love.”JAC Ann nodded, suddenly said:” Let’s play a Truth or Dare?”
      Song Zhe listening to the words, you feel a little bad, he subconsciously wanted to refuse, heard Yang Wei said: “Well.”
      ”What you have is people can not see can not say?”
      Yang Wei smiled over here, Song Zhe, where dare say a word “no”?Only I gulped hard and said: “There is no.”
      So a group of people started to play truth or dare, we started to play number 7, who lost who play.
      Play this game IQ math class, JAC Ann Yang Wei is almost invincible.
      The remaining four people take turns with the question.

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