• Slip, but also can shoot me enough.

    “Now we are investigating it, behind this matter dictates most likely be the next head of state campaigner, and he has some supporters from the old forces people.”The more nights also take a deep breath and said:” Just make sure that this guess is correct, I can hands.”

    Flower Mu looked at his expression suddenly laughed.

    “I know they are the most fatal weakness, this easy to handle.”

    Chapter 89


    The evening also helped him sit up a bit, in the shoulder and then added a cushioned pillow.

    “I need to look for what people do?”

    “Do not.Back to the palace to take something like.”Look Flower Mu to him:” You know the secret instruction and library entrance, I would have put your iris and fingerprint entry into the.”

    Vietnam also froze a moment later, come what consciousness: “antique?”

    “Ah, solitary teapot.”He laughed:” Some people covet this thing for a long time, but unfortunately has not be found.”

    It is good, in the business world or, in fact, related to playing the game almost in official circles.

    Single line of brain development as long as there are not too difficult actually, is not afraid of that he will not run, but too many pigs as teammates.

    If bad luck, then himself here along

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