• Health set just right, strictly follow the golden ratio.

      In addition to facial features look good, her temperament is also outstanding.
      Whether straight neck or shoulders open, her graceful deportment, slightly curled blond hair naturally scattered over her shoulders, Canruo Qianyang, exudes a natural elegance.
      Although she contour also slightly astringent, but Gongnian Yu has been able to foresee elegance long after she was completely open, as long as she was standing here, Gongnian Yu absolutely no way to look to other people to see.
      .Of course, she is also one of the reasons that waist eye-catching big white goose.
      ”.Not a girlfriend.”Ze Yu Bo Dina after repeated exposure he did not know how many times repeated words.
      ”Yes, I am a fan of Yu Ze.”Donna smiled, winked to Gongnian Yu:” There is still.”
      Gong Nianyu take the hint and pretend to play the Yu Ze moment and said: “There is such a beautiful girl willing powder you, you do not hurry to turn her into a girlfriend, was taken away people are too late to regret.”
      Yu Ze hundred hearing, altogether silent.
      ”Come, I’ll take you today to learn what you shoot MV director.”Gongnian Yu smiled and director around to bring them to the studio being arranged.
      After a simple hello, MV director and began shooting two people communicate today

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