• On, then it is.Out of the other side of the body.

      ”When did you layout?”If this time she also conscious that they are beginning to fall into in their plan, so she was sent out to perform this impossible task.
      Zhou Yu see another case of two people seem to have been shocked by her foolish to not want ignores her way, only silently took over the task of conversation.
      ”You’re still here, it is naturally has not been out.You did not go out too, so be sure it is in our layout before.”
      ”” Three Kingdoms “?”Ghost is not really stupid, is such a reminder immediately respond over.
      Hsu Hung sighed, she did not mind in the heart and then poke: “So I say, still have to read the book.”
      As he sighed, shaking his head, look between full 朽木不可雕也 sigh.
      Ghost he was blocking his face plainer Cross, finally willing to say one thing: “just the illusion, just me in there or you are?”
      ”Nature is in, but not you see ‘us’,” Maybe she was pity himself playing such a pass, Xu Hong mercifully to explain the phrase, “although you see is the ‘we’, but that is what you thought of ‘we’, both for

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