• As one of the sub-sponsor, on behalf of the joint venture plant has begun preliminary work to communicate with the mainland government.She Industrial Area is one of the new plant construction candidate address.If the picture tube factory She settled in the mouth, which is likely to become She Industrial Zone since its establishment in mid-1979 the largest sum of foreign investment, industrial Zone and down this natural enthusiasm is very high.

      She Industrial Zone was established even earlier than the deep sea, DC, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong China Merchants development of China’s first export-oriented economic development zone.China Merchants Hong Kong, formerly known as Li Hongzhang Westernization Movement in.Founded in mid-1873 Government Commerce enterprises – China Merchants.After the founding of New China, the mainland of China Merchants property taken over by the people’s government, and moved to Hong Kong employees and announced that the uprising in mid-1950.After the uprising Merchants still business development in Hong Kong, the mainland has now become one of the three major central government-funded enterprises in Hong Kong.
      Hong Kong, China Merchants settled in Hong Kong from mid-1950, has been operating in accordance with the rules of business in Hong Kong, have been gradually integrated into the Hong Kong economy, the business community has become widely recognized by the Hong Kong Chinese companies.Upfront capital required for the development of China Merchants She Industrial Area, is all borrowing by the Bank of China, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong and other obtained.
      But She Industrial Zone was established initially for some time.It has been thunder, little rain.Reception wave after wave of Hong Kong ferry from Central Pier, board and travel to Yuen Long Merchants across the mouth of the peninsula She visits the sea, but in a circle back to Hong Kong after all the silent.
      Until the establishment of the HKSAR deep sea.Mainland to promote the reform and opening up

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