• As a pioneer, more power and prestige ah ~~~~~

      ”What did you do to my comrades still waiting for flying in trouble yet?”
      Yu Miaozi sip Minzui, “I now have so 破罐子破摔, is going to stand with you through thick and thin ah!!!Otherwise, why should I have to wait until apocalyptic Fly, I would have to fly Well?”
      ”Are you afraid to fly it killed your dad?”Lu seventy-one directly point out the fact that.
      ”.”Indeed, too.
      Yu Miaozi not thought to leave the warm air ship wreck, early in her small ancestors did not agree to participate in the draft, she had the idea of.Results are not waiting for her actions, kid on Tin Ying and decorum direct war.

    Chapter 218 lower
      This is to the life of it.
      If she is gone, is betrayed Now, sir, is a deserter, ah, not talk to her father would kill her, she also make life difficult for the heart it off ah.So simply continue it, so she was not thinking behind the switch, what do brokers.Yu Miaozi think it is a small pit dead ancestors.How warm it on this pirate ship it!!!
      Lu seventy-one cough the next, “Well, then we have to ask Miu Miu, today’s win, she has no confidence ~ ~ ~ ~” suddenly turned the host mode.
      ”.”Yu Miaozi white land seven hundred eleven,” confidence ah, is still there.”
      ”You speak well, this interview How about you.”Lu seventy-one dissatisfaction, followed asked:” how would you prepare tonight?What are the types of

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