• Rang for a long time, the other only answer, Scala said: “My brother?”

      What a forest health, hears out her nasal heavy, “took place?”
      Cai Sijia sucked under the nose, “No, nothing.”
      ”Cai Siming now in my home.”Lin-sheng hearts of a soft, Scala everything do not want to bother him, and my heart is always uncomfortable own simmering.
      Cai Sijia lengleleng, rage, “he ran you going to do that?He has a face you?What a spendthrift !!”
      Lin-sheng glanced stiff sitting on the couch Cai Siming, “you and I talk about what happened in the end?”
      Cai Sijia not help, sobbing loudly, “brother”
      Forest health while distressed, to say the uncle of pictures, most of these are in the age spend in clean, except this is still very distressed that their sister, “ah, I.”
      Cai Sijia rubbing his eyes, “Cai Siming that son of a bitch!!I have no money from Lao Zhao, went to her mother, a take it or thousands, with mother asked him to do, he does not say no to my mother.The results did not think he even secretly take money from her mother’s purse, he would not admit, my mother thought it was my Daddy, Dad did not take this money naturally angry, they fight later I turned out the bag from Cai Siming, Dad was in a rage slapped Cai Siming

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