• When did you first Wuyi?”

      ”also.not yet.”
      The crowd: “.”
      Song Zhe, sighed: “Old Wu, you used to say you always brag force veteran right?”
      Wu Yi: “.”
      Another round.
      ”Summer tweeted your first kiss Who?”
      Summer tweeted confidently: “An JAC!”
      JAC Ann showing a hint of a smile.
      Another round or summer tweeted.
      ”Who you love is summer tweeted?”
      JAC An exposed confident smile.Summer tweeted a little embarrassed to say a distant name: “With Shen.”
      JAC Ann laughing.
      He actually forgot!!
      Another round, Gu Lan.
      ”Gu Lan do you talked about love?”
      Department of problems caused by depression.
      Gu Lan black face: “There is no.”
      Another round, continue Gu Lan.
      ”Gu Lan Do you like boys and girls?”
      Gu Lan teeth: “Boys!”
      Another round, and finally turn the Song Zhe.
      JAC Ann cheeky cunning: “When did you start to like Yang Wei?”
      Upon hearing this, everyone looked in the past, Yang Wei also exposed puzzled eyes.
      Song Zhe blush, it seems that the problem is too hard to tell.Song Zhe Wu Yi saw the reaction, happy clamored

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