• ing shop that more famous, Pei always a blue “inadvertently” put forward some smart ideas, so that he added to the design draft, obtained from a single design draft of the dividend has been amazing more.

      Three sons have their own families began, Pei Naochun will no longer engage in what family style – after all that time, only his dividends, it has been let Li Xiuzhi every day from morning to night a few, and I feel exceptionally good just three sons life and death do not agree to his separation, he sent did not look at his eyes filled with ruthless word, he had from them.
      At the same time every year he set aside under the old couple in the future pension costs, “bonus” to three sons, three sons and enticed to buy a house to buy, som深圳桑拿ething else no memory of the original body, can rising prices, we all know are door clear, this simply can not lose the sale – although have to wait many years.
      Pei Naochun could start my own company, made a large fortune, but he gave up the idea, he did not want to use excess money to test three children, anyway, as long as he was in the day, the money average, a person who not many who have a lot of.
      Later, ah, more and more open markets, finally aroused the interest of three sons, they have lent it from Pei Naochun venture capital fund –
      Boss Pei building, wanted stability, rooted in the county, opened a small restaurant, and for many years he was the younger brother of vegetables, cooking experience to help him figure out the increasingly superb cuisine, if not well-known in the province, still available on delicious f深圳桑拿网ood, another error class cheating tool Pei Lan try to eat next to the suggestion, naturally green light.
      Pei built her second child, the choice is reselling, he is willing to endure hardship, but also honest, the face always get the confidence of others, from what he fare increase, to maximize the benefits do not understand, can be real eye but instead he began to have fame, he three brothers in the most difficul

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