• t one, sitting in the train,Travel extensively, you can also earn up to.

      Youngest Pei Jiancheng, he’s not willing to work, he especially know how to use their contacts – previous life he put these ideas intrigue parents used a brother that, in this life is toward outsiders, his brother and cooperation, the factory yard flaws sell them products, but also in the pipeline to join the reform machinery factory, then restructuring, he saved enough money, bought it directly to the factory, and from that to buy foreign technology, switch to start the auto parts.
      As for grandchildren, it goes without saying, and standing on the shoulders of giants to see extra far, there are Pei Naochun, next to a blue Pei, who did not make the wrong things.
      Before leaving Naochun Pei, has no teeth is the old man, he looked at Li Xiuzhi, tremor and trembling: “I’m gone, you look at the kids for me, promise me, what, you know, to be divided equally , do not hurt their hearts.”He said the children, adults can have four or five of the.
      Li X苏州夜网419iuzhi away tears, nodded, she understood her husband’s hint, close to him, seriously he said: “Do not eccentric, I will not eccentric!”
      ”I can rest assured that.”Pei Naochun then cry at this one, which ended this life journey.
      Of course, at this time still sad mood Pei Naochun did not know, he was gone, children grandchildren out of his remembrance and love, together, together for him out of a biography called “The seventies Goldfinger – Pei Naochun garment legend “, with the cover of his forties, stepping on a sewing machine is photographed Pei orchid photos, and back cover thumbnail, is his hand-held sewing needle photo.
      At least in this world, his remarks embroidered wonderful figure, so was long handed down –
      Really gratifying.

    Chapter 43 of her gambler father (a)?(three)
      ”This morning, the President of The United St都市体验网ates visit the Philippines, delivered an important speech at the meeting to meet.”Hostess mouth on one of a television, the latest n

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