• ews is being broadcast today, the room curtains give all one way or another, the only television inside exudes a faint light.

      Pei Naochun drowsily woke up he was lying in a medium-size beds, mattresses soft a深圳桑拿网nd hard body just under the quilt soft, dignitaries unconsciously drowsy up, because just open eyes, eyes like there is a fog, he wearily blinked, this position find themselves living in a hotel room like a quick, simple and clean decoration, on the right hand while clutching, the screen is dark out phone.
      Lack of sleep, severe headache to him, rubbing him with one hand on his forehead, barely ease the discomfort of sudden, the phone’s screen suddenly lights up, stacked on top of, is micro-channel information dense –
      [Wu Liping: Where are you now?Money from home is that you do take away?]
      [Wu Liping: Why not return messages?I worry to not sleep, I said this money, not my!]
      [Wu Liping: When I beg you, do you personally it!Did you ever think so my daughter and I want to how a man ah!]
      [Wu Liping: You people have no point of conscience?When you pity me, give me the money now!]
      He looked at that information, complex expression, in the top of the dialog box, there is a pile of sticky, news DND full member of a group chat, some names are [group Activity 1], [paid membership group 2], [gag activities group] .If the point in, you will杭州夜网 find that almost no one inside to speak, all share a variety of links, some share to the APP, what looks like an invitation to participate in the chess software; some of them are a long strip URL links, like a mysterious code that, obviously up to 500 group members, but no one of them to break the silence.
      If outsiders do not accidentally strayed into, maybe just thought it was a take-away coupons similar to each other, and mutual bargain of mutual help group, only those who know the ins and outs of one knows, of which activities.
      Pei Naochun eyes closed, lying on the bed, his efforts to control the waves of drowsiness hit wit

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