• h willpower, and slowly began to receive part of the original body of memory.

      Until now, he still clearly remember also, just to see in the dark space of the man.
      The world, Pei Naochun is come to an end, although there is a deep sense of sadness, mood can be sealed after the end, they also as superficial, and he took the initiative and 009 communicate immediately into the next assessment of the wor北京夜网ld – after all, even if he did not said Zhou Papi 009 will not be polite with him, his last stubborn, is their own initiative to apply, not be the spot that a.
      Has gone through four of the world’s Pei Naochun, consider themselves also experience a bit, after entering the dark space, he actively spoke up: “Hello, what I can do to h杭州夜网论坛elp you?”He acknowledged that the lines a little awkward, but unfamiliar business, we are unable picky.
      His men stood opposite, is not high, only about seven meters early, very thin body, obviously is the soul of the state, still can see Qinghei eyes, and you had better Pei Naochun feel discomfort, the other body that is contradictory status.
      Men seem to had a great hardship, just from his face, you can see the pain inside struggle, obviously did not cry, have a sour people subconsciously, at the same time, between this man’s facial features, a little bit crazy that looming, Pei Naochun always felt where he met such a person.
      ”Please help me.”That man’s hand trembling, said something after he self-deprecating smile,” No, no one can save me, please help my wife and daughter.”After he finished the sentence with some sugges北京夜生活网ting that the words, looking at the ground, slowly out of his life.
      For some, self-destruction, and the destruction of their loved ones life story.
      Pei Naochun this time to enter, is a man-frequency novel, with more professional accurate words to describe, it should be wide open invincible cheat on her face counterattack stallion male frequency novel, tells the story of the hero in obtaining Haoran after the legendar

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