• e same time and therefore can not help but get comfort – whatever the outcome, he life is not so bad to the point where only gradually, this has become a favorite obsession, often when he dreams, he can look forward to such heroes down to earth, stand in front of Pei peach, bear the burden of life for her and then the other side naturally dark heart Xu, with his tie the knot.

      All this is not a dream soon.
      After北京夜网 God Hao Li Haoran get the system only a week in pocket money has already accumulated a nearly two hundred, he put a new buy brand-name clothes are ready to go out, but to see Pei peach door was full of tattoos Han Liuliliuqi, they were to close the door on the promissory note Pei peach, splashed with red paint, those who glared at him and told him not to interfere, Haoran hesitated did not go, no one will come out to see the peach Pei.
      Obviously very frightened, they can bite Pei Tao refused to back down, her clenched fists and tried to communicate with those Han: “My dad and my mom divorced, the court has been sentenced, these are his gambling debts, my mother not yet!You should not harass us, or I’ll call the police.”
      But those noisy, and what she will and reason, the other smiled: “What do you police it, this is a civil dispute, 杭州桑拿洗浴the court sentenced you said, that line, I do not look for your mother, I will find you, if you can not stand ah, you call your dad out.”
      Pei peach Weekdays, no matter how tough is always smiling, as sweet as the name, when she was particularly stubborn: “I have severed contact with him for a long time, and北京夜网 I find him, I could not find, even if you put me killed, he would not come out of.”
      That several people all laughed: “Little girl, now is the rule of law, and who killed How about you?We do, more time, we can slowly entangled, is the way people want to come out, why did not you have bad luck, it stalls such a father?”
      Pei peach tears have been round and round in his eyes, and she refused to take their own weakness, the de

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