• cline down, it looks like crying with Yu Qi, dignitaries looked distressed, of cou苏州夜网rse, standing across from her noisy specialist does not feel she is poor of, but rather smile, has been blocked in behind the Haoran found the opportunity to feel.

      Li Haoran get in the Pei peach front, and they asked a number of debts, he told those people, money he come yet, stop looking Pei peach trouble, Pei peach want to block, not stopped, then tried to Haoran write IOUs, the other side refuse to, Li Haoran back and forth for the father Pei Tao also gambling several times – after all, for him, the money is really just a number, the system will not give, and gradually break into the fragile heart of the anti-Pei peach, two people come together.
      Whether the middle of no money disputes, at least when together, the two fall in love is, if it was to go on so smoothly, in fact, does not depend on, but as more and more of t苏州桑拿he male wealth and improve social status, Haoran around Yingyingyanyan also up.
      In behind the story, Haoran around there is more frequency princess of a country, the agents of a country, a certain well-known actress.I do not know the author forget, or not enough space fiction, Tao Pei names long gone, and only the reader often discussed below, Pei Tao in the end had a big interest is still the main man is to live up to.
      As one female controls Pei peach, it is the original body of the daughter.
      After the front half of the original life of the body, in most people’s concepts, are regarded as a smooth, his parents were factory workers, industrious work hard, in the early years they bought a factory-built houses, and another bought a house on the outside, of course, it’s all left to the original body, he began to struggle not age, it would have been a small net worth.
      In the parents arranged the marriage of his knot with Wu Liping, the two men went into the factory, but then down the torrent of the times, entrepreneurs start a small business, both in the city primary

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