• entrance B, opened a stationery boutique shop, inside more than the sale of stationery, but also the sale杭州夜网论坛 of some dolls, trinkets and things like that, relied on several traffic surrounding the school, the income has been very good, also behind the school gate opened a branch in another city, his wife also gave birth the only daughter Pei Tao, they take care of the child, runs the shop, everything is calm.

      Ordinar北京夜网ily, such a life should be no waves can often accidents will always occur.
      Pei peach high school, the family store water has stabilized, normally they hired people to see the shop, Wu Liping focus more on the care of her daughter, and the original body, it is also nothing unusual, unrestrained up.
      He met a friend in the city opened strong brother B food stalls, many years later, the original body had repeatedly thought about, and that his arms around two brothers spoke good brothers, in most when he entered the pit to start with that hopeless, exactly how you think?Of course, that time had no answer.
      Strong brother home seafood, snacks taste good, affordable prices, many middle-aged men, like in the free time, to a chair to sit on his family, fight the table eat a meal, drink a little wine, original body awareness is so strong b南宁桑拿rother, the twoAfter a good relationship, strong brother mysterious to him: “You do not think having a bit of fun?Usually every day, is not it also very boring?”Original body vanguard thought what a red-light district of business, immediately refused, and later came to realize that in the understanding, strong brother said was a common gaming house in the underground city B.
      Original body do not understand the truth curiosity killed the cat, carries the idea a try. No matter what, he followed behind strong brother, arrived at the common gaming house.
      Beyond human expectation is that the place where a common gaming house that is no mystery, right in the resettlement housing area after the demolition of the early years of the ci

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