• him to confirm the signing of books and gambling chips in advance the signed agr北京夜网eement, just waiting for him to pay the transfer, he panicked, looked around the original body, legs war battle, you want to run, but was a common gaming house hired security stuck in there, he signed half a million promissory note, this time out of a common gaming house door, he could not even stand to maintain a stable, cold sweat oozes, think only a month reminding us of scenes in a dream.

      How he would do?
      Original body and dared his wife explained that he chose the diversion of deposits, the couple then also on mutual trust, has always been the bank card at home, he goes on a full card deposits five hundred and fifty thousand, and he do not do a pound, the money taken directly to light, but also the arrears immediately.
      then.He went, then, he has been unable to accept the steady day to earn a few hundred thousand lifestyle, he knows that he can make big money, just before bad luck.
      Original body repeatedly tell myself, this time as long as the money to win back lost close hand, then got into it again.
      He felt during the day and night time, reminding us of scenes two people, during the day he is all praise, good temper, the shop owner广州桑拿网, he is Zhaoyan night, pushing money on gambling tables, gamblers brain to stop thinking of each re-enter he paid the price increasing.
      The greater the play of the original body, directly lost a store, things to this time, has become a dead end, no way, he and his wife can only account.
      Gambler in the world, it seems self-taught superb acting, he knelt in front of his wife deadpan, burst into tears, smoking his face, he says he’s not human, that he is possessed, never after not guilty, he grabbed his wife’s leg, telling his helpless wife.
      Important at this time, Pei Tao is in the final three months of the third year sprint, soon the college entrance examination, Wu Liping took up soup every night, sent to boarding daughter nourishing food, which i

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