• s the original body of gambling has not revealed the secret the reason.

      Wu Liping looked cried tears snot face of her husband, she believed the other side, of course, which is also part out not want to hurt her heart, she accompanied her husband to the store to do a transfer, so far, leaving her under a few strokes a small deposit, and open the store – shop is rented, not sell, as well as the name of the house, Wu Lip北京SPA会所ing attention will also be assigned to the husband who, she focused on him every moment, fear of the other side and then make something wrong.
      Until her daughter to go to college so far, the original body is very corpuscles.
      I do not know when the food stalls have closed the door, shop transferred to others, and soon became a beautifully renovated small lobster shop, strong brother never appeared in the original body of life, and that house a common gaming house, I do not know by whom report, the police arrest people door, the door of the seal, did not re-opened.
      Original body then also know remorse, he and his wife to send her daughter to school together, ran the shop, since the re-accumulation of money, like everything back on track, her husband Wu Liping has gradually lost its guard.
      Original body in a small common gaming house activities to participate in, plus a lot of gamblers, they usually had almost no contact, one day, in a gamblers, suddenly mysterious to look on him, saying that this area is now online activities, it is easy to take part, as long as you have the card, there are online payment on the line, then the smart pho深圳桑拿网ne has been very well developed, many students are required to pay for the network, the original body also launched related functions.
      There he was wary of the temptation, but want to look inside, he told himself, he has relevant experience, and this time will not easily fall into one another, he will be in accordance to the way gamblers added on-line , into the group –
      This time really be regarded as a high-tech an

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