• do not believe!Victor, you go to install egg cupboards inside the jar brought me up, open our eyes to you!”

      Ruan Zhiming again innocent gun lying quietly in the little books to put on the table, bobbing ran to 都市体验网the kitchen, to hold over the jar, a jar lid open, which is really really empty.
      Several people looked at the table and his face aside, Zhou Xiuying Lengheng heard, “who turned hostile, who is guilty!”
      ”We’re just two old Ruan old hens, these two also as to when the ancestors for the, it’s not necessarily lay eggs every day, bursts under a month at most twenty-five eggs, if Sinong good , about as big as the thirty eggs.”Then, she scanned the few people on the table, their eyes focused on the Ai-Chi and Zhao Xiaoling body, she continued,” you certainly want to say that dozens of eggs go up?right??”
      ”I am speaking!Last month Xiaolei sick, and just across the milk, egg our house are tight with Xiaolei to eat, we old Ruan though not that rich family, but treat old Ruan species, is still not Kuixin confused!”
      ”Linda, you are Xiaol上海夜网ei mother!To count, how much to eat eggs last month Xiaolei??”
      Zhao Xiaoling looking for a stiff, with a smile, “milk!What blanket child how much to eat, where to count when I remember Damn, that to!”
      ”You remember, I still remember to live, Xiaolei II is born sick, hospitals lived in two days, not eating, and the rest深圳桑拿网 are an egg, Victor, you are reading every day, you come calculate how many??”
      Ruan Zhiming, “Huh.”How is my??
      ”Zhiwen to count it!He arithmetic better than me!”Ruan Zhiming decisive to the pot thrown out.
      Ruan Zhiwen unhurried said, “February 28 days, remove the two days last month Xiaolei eat twenty six eggs!”
      ”I know that the egg go right?”Zhou Xiuying asked,” Where were you, Linda. You tell us!”
      Zhao Xiaoling forced to this sake, her index finger and thumb slightly Nianqi, severely pinch a bit Xiaolei his arms, Xiaolei suddenly cockroaches!
      Ruan Zhigang some distressed own wife and children, he was excited: “

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