Characteristics of men playing mobile phones after derailment

Characteristics of men playing mobile phones after derailment

Characteristics of men playing mobile phones after derailment

In real life, how many men have been derailed and finally exposed to the truth because of inadvertent use of mobile phones?

Some of them mistakenly sent the text messages sent to their lover to their wives, some randomly placed their mobile phones and their wives discovered the secrets in their mobile phones.

However, no matter how brilliant you play, things will eventually be revealed, and from the characteristics of their mobile phones, you can basically judge whether there is a tendency to derail.

  1. Shut down or mute.

Many derailed men will turn their mobile phones off, mute and other states when they return home, and become aware of them by their wives once their lover calls or texts.

  2. The mobile phone will not be randomly placed.

Often, many men do not leave their mobile phones at random when they return home, and generally do not leave their bodies.

They will be very cautious, for fear that the cell phone will be stolen again, and the wife will discover the secret in the cell phone.

  3. Delete all information and numbers related to the lover before returning home.

Some men have deleted ambiguous messages or lover’s caller ID from their mobile phones before going home to prevent being “checked”.

  4. Answering the phone squeaked and mumbled.

When you are at home, you are likely to receive a lover’s call. At this time, you often speak ambiguously or cope with the language “um”, “good” and other languages.

  5. Do not answer the phone.

Generally at home, mobile phones are mostly vibrating or muted. Sometimes when they see a lover’s call and deliberately do not answer it, they are actually afraid to answer it because a wife is around.

Therefore, I had to deal with the lover the next day for various reasons, such as “inconvenience” or “no phone call”.

  6. Hide text messages in the bathroom.

Dare not to reply to the lover’s message in front of his wife, so he had to hide in the bathroom and send a text message to the lover.

  7, do not want his wife to borrow his mobile phone.

If my wife says to her husband, “My phone is out of power, I will call XX with your phone.

“At this moment, the man will be in a state of trembling, for fear that at this moment, he will suddenly receive the ambiguous message of a lover and reveal the truth.

Often at this time, the man would call the woman while guarding the woman, and immediately put the phone in his pocket after the call.

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