Is there any relief in the decompensation of cirrhosis?

Is there any relief in the decompensation of cirrhosis?

There are some common symptoms

Is there any relief in the decompensation of cirrhosis?
There are some common symptoms

Patients with chronic hepatitis often have fears and fear that their condition will develop into cirrhosis.

Once the condition progresses to the stage of cirrhosis, there will be some abnormal manifestations. How do patients observe whether their condition has progressed to the degree of cirrhosis?

This is easy for people with cirrhosis. 1 Alcoholic liver disease patients: Alcoholic cirrhosis causes a large number of long-term drinking, and the final stage of development of patients with alcoholic liver disease.

2, patients with viral hepatitis: a variety of chronic viral hepatitis with liver fibrosis, high risk population of cirrhosis.

3, patients with long-term use of liver damage drugs: a variety of drugs through the liver metabolism, can cause substantial damage to the liver, induce primary cirrhosis.

4, patients with long-term exposure to liver damage chemicals: long-term exposure and replacement of a variety of toxic chemicals caused by chemical liver damage, and even cirrhosis.

Is cirrhosis entering the compensation period and still saved?

If the patient with cirrhosis has bleeding, has ascites, has hepatic encephalopathy, or has peritonitis, then we will prompt him to the decompensation period.

Decompensation is often a manifestation of the end of cirrhosis.

Such a patient’s words, after careful symptomatic treatment, or treatment for the cause, may still make him convert to the compensation period.

Our so-called cure, according to the current medical standard, is still relatively difficult.

However, after treatment, we can smoothly enter the compensation period, so that we can survive for a long time.

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis decompensation?

1, hemorrhagic and anemia often have skin purpura, nasal discharge, bleeding gums or asthma bleeding, which is related to the reduction of liver synthesis of clotting factors, hypersplenism and so on.

Patients often have anemia, which is related to malnutrition, interventional malabsorption, and hypersplenism.

2, digestive symptoms, appetite is significantly reduced, may have anorexia, often feel full abdominal discomfort after eating, nausea, rejection of spit; slightly greasy meat can easily cause diarrhea.

There is a manifestation of jaundice, suggesting that the liver cells are necrotic.

3, the most prominent clinical manifestations of ascites cirrhosis, more than 75% of patients with decompensated period of ascites.

After the formation of ascites, the patient often has a significant bloating feeling, especially after a meal. A large amount of ascites can cause difficulty in breathing and the skin on the abdominal wall is intense.

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