How to do insomnia in the elderly?

How to do insomnia in the elderly?

How to do insomnia in the elderly?

People with old people at home probably know that insomnia is a very common symptom. Because the elderly are a special group, with the increase of age, the functions of various organs of the body are gradually decreasing. Therefore, for the elderlyIt is not a rare thing to have a variety of problems in the body. Because of this, rest can help your health. So what should the elderly suffer from insomnia?

  For elderly people who commit crimes, if the frequency of insomnia often occurs, it will definitely have a certain impact on their health. Moreover, due to the long-term insomnia of the elderly, the already weak body will have more corresponding situations.It is necessary to understand some of the corresponding strategies for insomnia in the elderly.

  Steps/methods to find a suitable biological clock.

Everyone has a biological clock. The difference between an old man and a young person is that young people must forcefully change some living habits, including sleep time, in order to cope with work. Old people can relax wholeheartedly and have enough time to explore for themselves.The sleep cycle then forms a regular biological clock.

  Time does not represent quality.

It is normal to reduce sleep time as you get older. Because the elderly do not consume a lot of spirits every day, the metabolism is much slower, and naturally it does not take too much time.go to bed.

Just like pumping a tire, it is definitely more expensive to vent a tire that has already vented 80% of the gas than to give it 20%.

Young people may have to sleep for 8 hours to have a spirit, but the elderly are only five or six hours.

Less time does not mean low quality.

As long as you have a good mental outlook the next day, you don’t have to worry about whether you slept too little the day before.

  Create a suitable sleeping environment.

Many elderly people are easily awakened by some small sounds or light, and then want to fall asleep and find it is a very difficult thing.

It is recommended to choose the part of the room away from the downtown area when the bedroom is selected. The curtains must also have a good shading effect.

The chandeliers in the house, including the lamps, should be chosen to have a light-colored light bulb to avoid glare when the lights are turned on.

You can also wear eye masks while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by light.

  Increase your exercise as appropriate.

Some old people feel that they are retired, so they should enjoy the blessing at home, so in addition to eating, they watch TV, read newspapers, and then wait to sleep.

As a result, I found that I was always lying in bed and couldn’t sleep.

If you can do some moderate-intensity activities during the day, such as playing Tai Chi, you can improve the difficulty of falling asleep.

However, it is not suitable for exercise before going to sleep, which will make the nerves excited and affect the quality of sleep.

  Pay attention to the diet before going to bed.

The functions of various organs of the elderly have been reduced, and the digestive system is no exception.

If dinner is high in protein and sorghum is food-based, it will increase the burden on the stomach.

Lying in bed will feel the lack of fullness of the chest and abdomen, and even excessive pain.

Therefore, you must eat more light vegetables such as vegetables for dinner, and at least two hours after meals to go to bed.

Foods such as strong tea, wine, chocolate, etc. that should be excited should not be eaten. You can drink a cup of warm milk. Adding honey is very good.

  The choice of bed.

The old man’s waist and legs are somewhat inconvenient, so Simmons is an absolute taboo.

Because Simmons is too soft, there is no way to support the weight of the human body. Sleeping on it will not help to alleviate the fatigue during the day, but will increase the degree of back pain.

The same is true for the brown bed.

The best choice should be a hard bed, but the mattress should be softer and too thin to bend the bones.

The pillows should not be so soft that the pillows went up and went into the head.

The height should also be particular. When the head is placed on the top, the height of the pillow is as high as a fist, avoiding the discomfort of the neck and shoulders.

  What should the elderly do with insomnia?

Some of the items mentioned in this article are specific to the insomnia of the elderly. In view of this, if the elderly suffer from insomnia, they will not be prevented from following the method described in this article, and will be swept away by insomnia.Too clean, in addition, the bubble feet before going to bed will also contribute to the improvement of sleep quality.

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