6 Secrets to Long Life

6 Secrets to Long Life

6 Secrets to Long Life

6 secrets of longevity by exercise1, delaying brain decline Exercise can improve the function of the elderly brain, delay the decline of function, and thus prevent the role of dementia.

Especially for the elderly with cerebral ischemia, exercise can improve the brain’s memory ability, help to rest and sleep, and reduce brain fatigue.

2. Exercise to improve heart and lung function can improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions, and can prevent and delay the occurrence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the elderly.

Aerobic exercises like ballroom dancing, jogging, and mountain climbing are a good way to improve cardiopulmonary function. Studies have shown that the strength of cardiopulmonary function is directly related to the length of life and the cardiopulmonary function can surpass longevity.

3. Delaying osteoporosis exercise can reduce the ability of the elderly to bone and joint and muscle system, delay osteoporosis and the degenerative bone and joint complications unique to the elderly.

As the saying goes, “The old man’s legs are the oldest”. Exercise and exercise improve muscle strength and improve bone and joint function, which is a manifestation of delaying aging.

4, deferred disease exercise can delay the occurrence and progress of various chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Some diseases such as arteriosclerosis occur due to aging, and exercise can also delay the progress of the disease.

Studies have shown that older people who exercise regularly have a lower probability and degree of these chronic diseases.

5. Strengthening the immune system can enhance the immune function of the elderly and increase their resistance to various diseases.

6, improve mental health exercise can also improve mental health, adjust positive emotions, eliminate mental stress and loneliness.

Medical psychology experts point out that the most important thing in psychological adaptation is the adaptation to interpersonal relationships.

Exercise has become a good form of promoting the psychological adaptability of the elderly.


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