Unhealthy lifestyles can lead to high blood pressure

Unhealthy lifestyles can lead to high blood pressure


Unhealthy lifestyles can lead to high blood pressure

Yesterday morning, the Xi’an Citizen Health Literacy Promotion Campaign with the theme of 鈥淗ealthy Living and Harmonious Xi’an鈥?was launched at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square, calling on the public to improve their self-care ability.

銆€銆€Yesterday’s Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square was very lively. Xi’an Municipal Health Bureau, Xi’an City Health Education Institute, Xi’an City Disease Prevention and Control Agency and other departments distributed the “Chinese citizens’ health literacy basic knowledge and skills (for trial)” manual and various defenses.Disease knowledge posters.

銆€銆€High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, obesity and other diseases caused by unreasonable, lack of physical activity, smoking, drinking alcohol and other unhealthy lifestyles have become the enemy of health quality.

For lifestyle diseases, drugs, drugs, surgery, hospitals, doctors, the role of doctors is limited, the only feasible is to start from their own, learn to master health literacy knowledge and skills, and promote their own health literacy.

銆€銆€Xi’an Health Education Institute yesterday launched a launching measure, calling on medical workers, the city’s people actively participate in health literacy promotion actions, consciously develop good health habits, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, and constantly improve self-care ability and health.

銆€銆€Xi’an Municipal Health Bureau plans to organize thousands of health knowledge publicity activities, digital movies into the community into rural activities, healthy 66 tour activities, and distribute health gift packages for Xi’an citizens, and popularize health and disease prevention knowledge to urban and rural residents throughout the city in the next two years.

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