6 benefits of eating fish that make you smart

6 benefits of eating fish that make you smart

6 benefits of eating fish that make you smart

After the patient is sick, the doctor will advise the patient to eat more fish, because the fish is rich in nutrients, and because the fish is very easy to digest, it is suitable for the patients and the elderly.

So how to choose more healthy and clean fish?

What are the benefits of fish?

  1. Fish-eating people become smart. The body of fish is rich in DHA. They are mainly in the brain, retina and nerves. DHA cannot maintain the normal function of the human retina and is beneficial to the development of the human intelligence system.

Therefore, eating more fish can make you smarter.

  2. Eating fish contributes to the protein content of the fish. The content of protein per 500 grams of fish is equivalent to the content of protein in 600 grams of eggs or 850 grams of pork.

The rich protein is the carrier of human life. It has balanced nutrition, regulates the water balance in the body, and improves immunity. It can effectively help young children, children and adolescents to grow and develop.

This is also one of the reasons why we eat fish when we are sick or have a wound on our body, because fish can also help the wound recover and heal.

  3. Eating fish has a good effect on lowering blood lipids. Eating fish often can reduce blood lipids.

Medical experiments have proven that under the same blood lipid level, people who eat fish later can continue to lower blood lipid levels than people who do n’t eat fish often, and the blood lipid content of the two differs by 40%.

  4, eating fish is easy to digest a lot of food is not easy to digest, and fish is a food that can be easily digested.

Fish meat is easily digested and absorbed by the body. The protein structure of fish meat is soft, the muscle fiber structure is relatively short, and the moisture content is high. The absorption can be as high as 96%.

  5. Eating fish often can lower plasma cholesterol. It is a very dangerous situation, but did you know that eating fish can help us lower our plasma?

Most of the trace fatty acids contained in fish meat are easily digested and absorbed by the body, and the digested and absorbed fatty acids can be combined with blood cholesterol in the blood, taking plasma from the blood vessels, thereby reducing cholesterol in the body.The content is conducive to good health.

  6. Benefits of eating fish for pregnant women. Many medical studies have shown that if women eat fish every week during pregnancy, the probability of infants suffering from eczema will decrease by 43% in the future.

So pregnant women must eat more fish.

  Cautions on eating fish: Some fish eyes are turbid and collapsed. If you don’t buy the “chilled fish”, the fish gills are gray. You should first observe the eyes and gills.

Fresh fish eyes are full, the cornea is transparent and clear, and the gill filaments are bright red.

Generally speaking, the eyes of fresh fish are not full, the cornea is wrinkled and slightly cloudy, and sometimes the eyes are red with red blood, and the gills are dark red or gray-purple.

Corrupted fish’s eyeballs collapse or dry up, the cornea shrinks or ruptures, and the gills are brown or off-white.

  The quality of fish meat after killing live fish is not the best, because the fish has a process of “acid removal”, and it needs to be placed to be more delicious.

Small fish such as grass carp and catfish should be refrigerated immediately and cooked after 2 hours; large fish need to be refrigerated for more than 2 hours.

  The fish is too red and white and you do n’t eat fish. Depending on the species, there is a distinction between red meat fish such as tuna and white meat fish such as belt fish.Credit. ”

  The size of a “eight-point” fish determines its taste and safety.

Too small, the fish has not yet matured, the meat is not tender enough, and fish bones will appear extra.

Too big means that the fish is old, the meat is rough, and there may be too many harmful substances in the body.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to buy fish with a size of “eight cents”, for example, carp and Wuchang fish are 1 and a half pounds, and catfish are 0.

5 pounds?
1 catty, grass carp 4?
5 kg is appropriate.

  Pickled inedible products may contain excessive amounts of nitrite. During the drying or curing process, some of the proteins are decomposed to produce amines, which combine with nitrite to form nitrosamines, which is carcinogenic to some extent.risk.

  If the price is too low to buy it, the price is ridiculously low. It is necessary to consider the source, quality and safety of the fish. Deteriorating fish will bring great health risks.

  After eating sashimi frozen, there may be parasites in the sashimi. The parasites have poor resistance to heat and low temperature. They can be killed after freezing for 24 hours at minus 20 ° C. Generally, sashimi mealsThe ice cubes under the plate are completely ineffective at killing parasites.

Therefore, you can only eat raw fish if you are assured of the source of the ingredients.

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