Do you know the benefits of hot water soaking hands?

Do you know the benefits of hot water soaking hands?

Do you know the benefits of hot water soaking hands?

I believe many people know the health benefits of hot water feet, but do you know the health benefits of hot water hands?

  Walking tired and tedious, soaking your feet in hot water, the whole body will feel warm immediately, and tiredness will go with it.

In fact, not only the feet can relieve fatigue, often using hot water to bubble hands, can also penetrate similar effects.

At present, a health method called “hand bath” is popular among Japanese photographers. It is said that this method can relieve fatigue and is very suitable for urban white-collar workers.

  According to reports, photographers have been exposed to magnesium light for a long time, and their eyes are particularly prone to fatigue; their necks and shoulders are also prone to soreness because they have maintained a posture for a long time.

So they took a “hand bath” while they were shooting.

For white-collar workers who work in tandem on the desk or face the computer screen every day, the “hand bath” can also release the fatigue caused by the insertion and the hand.

  Experts point out that the palms of the human body are rich in blood and 6 meridians pass through. The “hand bath” is to influence the human meridian through external thermal stimulation to achieve treatment and alleviate human diseases.

Through the “hand bath”, the blood in both hands can be heated, and the warm blood flows back to the heart. After about 10 minutes, all the blood in the human body will warm up, and the blood will flow through the branch blood vessels through the brain, eyes, shoulders and other partsTo achieve a variety of effects such as treatment of periarthritis, insomnia and refreshing, eyesight.

  Experts suggest that in fact, “hand bath” does not make cold winter, can be done all year round, especially for many women with yang deficiency, chills and cold hands and feet, the health effect is more obvious.

Because the “hand bath” can play a unique role in expelling cold, speed up the blood circulation of peripheral blood vessels, which is conducive to the operation of body gas.

At the same time with the “foot bath”, the effect will be better.

  Compared with the foot bath, the “hand bath” method is simpler and easier to do: Connect a basin of hot water, the temperature is about 40 ℃ -42 ℃, and the amount of water should be immersed in both hands.

Open your hands and soak in water for 5-10 minutes.

If the intermediate temperature is not hot enough, reheat the water.

During the “hand bath”, you need to pay attention to the posture of your body. Relax your shoulders completely, and take a deep breath while rubbing all parts of the palm.

After soaking, dry it with a clean towel and keep warm.

Usually once in the morning and evening, if the office workers feel tired at noon, they can also soak in the office once.

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