[Baby Calcium and Zinc Recipes]_Baby & Toddler_What to Eat

[Baby Calcium and Zinc Recipes]_Baby & Toddler_What to Eat

[Baby Calcium and Zinc Recipes]_Baby & Toddler_What to Eat

There are many recipes for calcium and zinc supplementation for babies. Usually, the baby should pay attention to zinc and calcium supplementation in the diet. These two elements are very important for the growth of the baby and will seriously affect the growth and development of the child. The two elements of zinc and calciumCan be supplemented together, usually pay more attention to the child’s diet balance, and more from some food to supplement, let’s take a look at the baby’s zinc and calcium recipes?

Egg yolk milk paste ingredients: eggs, milk practices: 1 egg cooked in water (about 6 minutes), take out the egg yolk and crush, stir with milk into a cake or porridge, and feed directly to the baby.

Flammulina velutipes gallbladder ingredients: Flammulina velutipes, Brassica rapa (rapeseed), ham, ginger, peanut oil, salt, MSG, oyster sauce, water starch.

Practice: 1. Wash the Flammulina velutipes roots, wash the gallbladder and remove the old leaves, shred the ham, and ginger to spare.

2. Add water to the wok. After the water has boiled, add a small amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and oil, then add the vegetable gall, blanch until just cooked, and remove for use.

3. Add oil to the hot pot, add ginger, shred the fragrant, then pour in enoki mushroom, shredded ham, add salt, monosodium glutamate, stir-fry oyster sauce, pour in water starch, and finally pour into the gall.

This dish contains about 12 zinc.

9 mg, and it is expected that children must have an amino acid that regulates the amount of zinc in children.

Cabbage fried pork raw materials: cabbage, lean meat, red pepper, garlic, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, water starch.

Practice: 1. Wash and shred cabbage, red pepper, shred lean meat, and cut garlic into pieces.

2. Add a little salt to the shredded pork, MSG, and water starch.

3. Add oil to the wok and fry the pork until it is tender and pour it out for use.

4. Add oil to the hot pan, add the garlic grains to scramble, pour the cabbage, stir-fry the red pepper until it is broken, add the shredded pork, add salt, stir-fry the monosodium glutamate, and stir in a small amount of water starch.
This dish contains about 14 zinc.

88 mg.

Cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and ascorbic acid, etc., has a moisturizing effect.

Ingredients of radish and tomato soup: carrots, tomatoes, eggs, shredded ginger, shallots, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar.

Practice: 1. Peel and slice carrots and tomatoes.

2. Add oil to the hot pot, stir-fry the ginger and stir-fry a few times, add carrots and stir-fry a few times, pour clear soup, and boil over medium heat. 3. When the carrots are ripe, add tomatoes, salt, MSG, and sugar.Eggs are scattered and poured in, and sprinkled with green onions.

Tomatoes have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. Carotene and minerals contained in tomatoes are the best products for zinc deficiency.

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