Hot review eye cream no longer panda eyes in the new year

Hot review eye cream no longer panda eyes in the new year

Hot review eye cream no longer panda eyes in the new year

Eye skin is the most fragile of the face, so it is also the most difficult to care for. The fine lines of the eyes, dark circles, and bags under the eyes all reveal our age secrets and fatigue.

In addition to usually paying attention to developing good habits, standing eye cream is also very important.

See if these hot review eye creams can bring you eye-catching effects?


5 H2O + Shuizhi Australia Eye Oasis Moisturizing Gel (¥ 80 / 15ml) Reasons for Hot Evaluation: Fresher and more comfortable; Provide sufficient moisture around the eye skin, nourish deeply, soothe skin around the eyes, cover blemishes, fade, reduce fine linesMakes skin around eyes soft and smooth.

  Thickness: Gel Xiaobian Usage Report: The biggest feeling after using this product is that the eyes are moist almost all day.

It is very suitable for a small editor who is facing a computer all day, but the fine lines have not been significantly improved.

  Hot rating: ★★★★ No.

4 LANEIGE Brightening Eye Cream ¥ 285 / 30ml Reasons: Tighten the eye skin and relieve dark circles and dull skin tone, improve dryness, prevent UV damage, and can be used as an eye mask.

  Thickness: Creamy Editor’s Report: Close to ideal pH value, average moisturizing effect.

When used, it has a cool feeling, reduced absorption, comfortable around the eyes, and relieved eye pressure, but the dry lines around the corners of the eyes remain unchanged.

  Hot rating: ★★★★ No.

3 FANCL Non-Invigorating Skin Firming Eye Cream ¥ 180 / 8g Reasons for evaluation: For the fine lines around the eyes, fatigue and edema, improve the puffiness of the eye circles, brighten the skin around the eyes, and make the moisture around the eyes accumulate due to poor circulationEliminates and effectively improves puffiness.

  Size: Creamy Editor’s Report: Clear and translucent white cream FANCL cream, it feels very soothing after application, it is very effective for fine lines on the eyes. After more than a month, the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes are reduced, andLooks very spiritual.

No added products, you can use it with confidence.

The taste is a little bit gluey, but it does not affect the mood when using it. Be careful, you must use it all within three months. You ca n’t use it again after you use it. FANCL products are generally like this.

  Hot rating: ★★★★ No.

2 Estee Lauder Eye Repair Essence Cream 480 / 15ml Reasons: Slightly light and soft, immediately repairs eye skin damage and protects the surrounding environment of delicate eyes; instantly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, fades puffiness and lightens dark circlesTo brighten and brighten the eyes; consolidate the skin’s defense and moisture barrier around the eyes, firmly lock the moisture to prevent loss, help resist irritation and external environmental damage, and make the eye skin smooth and smooth.

  Absolute: It is an absolute star product. It feels very light to me. It feels that nutrition can really penetrate into the deep layers of the eye skin quickly. The effect of instant absorption and instant moisturization is very good!

The effect is also satisfactory, especially in the area of fine lines. It has a significant effect. When it is applied, it will feel a little warm. This may be the effect of promoting blood circulation.

In addition, it has a brightening effect on tired skin around the eyes.

  Hot comments: ★★★★ ☆ No.

1 Biotherm Thermal Water Eye Essence ¥ 425 / 15ml Reasons: Transparent and fresh, comfortable; Provide sufficient moisture around the eye skin, deeply nourish, soothe the skin around the eyes, cover blemishes, fade, reduce fine lines, make the skin around the eyesSoft and smooth.

  A small amount: Gel use report: I used to use other products, but it feels greasy and poorly absorbed. The fine lines do not improve after use, but some unfortunate grains are formed.

This product does not have a greasy, heavy feel, it is smooth and moisturized after use, and the absorption effect is good. After one week of use, the fine lines under the eyes have been improved.

  Hot rating: ★★★★ ☆

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