Hanging Chair Squatting Horse Steps Simple and Fun Office Fitness 5 Tips

Hanging Chair Squatting Horse Steps Simple and Fun Office Fitness 5 Tips

Hanging Chair Squatting Horse Steps Simple and Fun Office Fitness 5 Tips

Many office workers are busy with work and housework, often suffering from being unable to extend their time to participate in regular exercise.

The US “Fox News Network” recently launched an effective and interesting “5 methods of office fitness” that can help office workers to exercise at any time, anywhere in the workplace, home or on the road.

  1. Hanging chair squatting.

  This simple office fitness is one of the most effective physical exercises.

Specific actions: stand as straight as possible, relax your shoulders.

The toe uplift touches the upper to keep the foot stable.

Keep the backrest upright, squat down to hang, and keep 2 with the seat.

With a distance of 5 cm, hold the horse for 10 seconds each time and repeat the action.

Note that the vertical position of the knees should be behind the toes, and the upper body should be straightened by the hip muscles.

  2. Place a desktop crouch for fitness.

  Train your upper body and core muscles.

Specific actions: Use the core muscles of the thorax and abdomen to keep the body as straight as possible; press your hands on the table and bend your elbows at 90 degrees to maintain the push-up posture; then bend your knees and squat 10 times, then do 5 push-ups.

The action is repeated 3-4 times.

  3. “Business Flight”.

  Effectively train your desk’s leg and waist muscles.

Specific actions: stand straight, pull your head and shoulders back to maintain the “perfect posture”; single leg forward, lean down and lift the other leg back, the leg is in line with the body and parallel to the ground.

Hold the “flying” position for 3 seconds, then return to the posture position, repeat the movement several times, and after 1 minute of exercise, change the other leg.

  4, V-shaped exercise.

  Work shifts throughout the day and keep up with your body.

V-shape exercises can stretch and activate muscle groups associated with maintaining a good posture.

Specific actions: Keep upright sitting and exhale. You should stretch your spine to make your body taller and hold it for a few seconds. After that, your body leans forward slightly, spreads out the full length, and is V-shaped, as if holding a hut above your head.

  5. Self-gravity exercise.

  Earth’s gravity is everywhere and can be used for fitness.

Stretching due to its own weight can be used for muscle training anytime, anywhere.

For example, push-ups, stretching the door frame as a horizontal bar, and walking around in the workplace are all good exercises.

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