Drinking beer can’t relieve the heat

Drinking beer can’t relieve the heat

Drinking beer can’t relieve the heat

The high heatstroke measures taken by too many citizens have been misunderstood and need to be corrected immediately, or they will cause physical harm.

  In summer, you should guard against the following summer misunderstandings: First, the darker the sunglasses, the more you can protect your eyes.

In fact, too dark lens color will seriously affect the visibility, the lens should be able to penetrate 30% of the visible light, gray is the best.

  The second is that it is cooler to wear clothes without hot weather.

In mid-summer, the maximum temperature is generally close to or more than 37 seconds. The skin heat is absorbed and absorbed from the external environment. The more the summer heat is difficult, the closer to the declination, women should not wear short skirts.

  Three believe that drinking beer can relieve the heat.

In summer, the human body sweats and crystallizes and consumes a lot.

If you continue to drink beer, the “warm” feeling caused by alcohol will continue, thirst and sweating will become worse.

Therefore, drink beer in moderation.

  The fourth is to keep the air conditioner at a constant temperature.

Constantly adjusting the room temperature can make people gradually adapt to the prolonged changes in temperature, so as to avoid frequent colds or other diseases.

The change in room temperature should be controlled between 3 and 5 seconds.

  The fifth is that “showering” can make people more comfortable.

When the sweat is dripping, “showering” causes the pores of the whole body to close quickly, which leads to the inability to spread and stay in the body, which causes various diseases.

You should choose a warm water bath. After the warm water bath, you will feel refreshed.

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