Eat more seaweed can prevent heart disease

Eat more seaweed can prevent heart disease

Eat more seaweed can prevent heart disease

The American Chemical Society journal “Agricultural and Food Chemistry” published a recent Irish study that found that eating more sodium alginate reduced hypertension and prevented heart disease.

  Researchers from the Food Research Centre of the Irish Department of Agriculture conducted a detailed analysis of data from 100 related studies and found that seaweed contains certain key ingredients that act on many common antihypertensive drugs.

The latest research found that seaweed is rich in protein “bioactive peptides”.

The mechanism of action of this protein is an ACE inhibitor (a widely used drug that reduces hypertension and prevents hypertension and stroke).

Common seaweed foods include: wakame, kelp, and laver.

Experts say that in fact, many seaweeds near the coast are edible.

In addition, milk also contains a large amount of bioactive peptides.

  Many scientists say that seaweed plasma is very low, which can prevent slight absorption to a certain extent, promote weight loss and benefit heart health, because it is precisely a major cause of this reason.

Research conducted by Japanese researchers using experimental mice has found that experimental mice fed foods containing seaweed can lose 10% more body weight.

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