Four points in the child’s growth

Four points in the child’s growth

Four points in the child’s growth

First, children need to be loved and valued. Parents need love. Being loved makes children feel safe and valuable.

When parents show love to their children, in addition to making the child experience the satisfaction of being loved, they also let the child know why they are loved and learn the concept of right and wrong.

  Second, a sense of security is needed. An insecure person cannot trust others. If they do not trust others, they cannot establish friendship with others, and they may become self-interested people.

If a child lacks a sense of security and self-confidence, he will not dare to freely explore the surrounding environment and learn new things, and his emotional and intellectual development will also be adversely affected.

  Third, it needs rules. To children, rules are like windows of a house, which give life a limit and breadth.

Only when the child knows what to expect can he feel comfortable.

So rules are the source of security, and the establishment of rules can provide children with a sense of order to grow freely.

  Fourth, it is a new learning experience. The modern child development theory believes that children are growing individuals, and the development of their mental capacity is formed by their physiological maturity combined with acquired learning experiences.

From birth, children must have learning opportunities appropriate to their abilities to learn new experiences in order to develop normal intelligence, language, interpersonal skills, emotional feelings, expression skills and personality.

  Mo Xiufen believes that children need encouragement and responsibility as they grow up.

In the process of nurturing a child, there are other aspects of encouragement in essence.

Every child needs constant encouragement, just as some seeds need water.

Without encouragement, a child cannot live a normal life, such as dressing, packing toys, sweeping the floor, etc., can help him understand his own interests, build self-confidence, learn the spirit of mutual help and transform a sense of responsibility.

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